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Finance & Investment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Finance & Investment - Essay Example when the share is underpriced. The valuation model used to estimate the intrinsic value of a share is the present value model. Constant Growth Model is also known as Gordon’s Share Valuation model. It is assumed that dividends will grow at the same rate (g) into the indefinite future and that the discount rate (r) is greater than the dividend growth rate (g). The constant growth assumption may not be realistic in many situations. The growth is dividends may be at varying rates. In this model, the future time period is divided into two different growth segments such as the initial extraordinary growth period and the subsequent constant growth period. That is the flow from period 1 to N which will call V1, and the flow from period N+1 to infinity referred to as V2. Freehold property is an asset, the owners of such property require appropriate evidence about their ownership of the property. The freehold property is a fixed asset held by the owner itself. In this context, it is viewed that whenever the portion of assets increases, then the profitability of the company also goes on increasing. If there is an appreciation in assets, it will automatically lead to increases in profitability of the company as a whole; as a result, increase in profit leads to increase in dividend also. So, it is very clear that there is a direct relation between the increment of assets and thereby a corresponding increment of profits, and finally in dividend also. Moreover, whenever a person becomes the real owner of a freehold property, such a person has the right to undertake either to sell or to provide a lease of such property. â€Å"Taxpayers may seek to infer that the wording "holding investments" connotes passive ownership and argue that extensive personal involvement by the deceased/transferor in the business cannot be classed as "holding investment†. (SVM27580 - Share Valuation Manual: Business Property Relief and Agricultural Property Relief)

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Retail Theories and Strategies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Retail Theories and Strategies - Essay Example Retailing is an activity of enormous economic significance to most developed nations. In Britain, 2.5 million people are employed in retailing, comprising 10.5 percent of all employees (National Statistics, 2001a). Retailers provide the goods and services needed--from food, auto parts, apparel, home furnishings, appliances and electronics to advice, home improvement and skilled labor. Retailing is one of the fastest-growing segments of the economy. As one of the nation's largest employers, the retail industry provides excellent business opportunities. At least one-third of the 100,000 or so new enterprises launched each year are retail operations. The entrepreneurs behind these ventures risk their capital, invest their time and make a living by offering consumers something they need or want. Most retailing involves buying merchandise or a service from a manufacturer, wholesaler, agent, importer or other retailer and selling it to consumers for their personal use. The price charged fo r the goods or services covers the retailer's expenses and includes a profit. Each year, this vital sector of the UK economy accounts for about 08 percent of our gross national product--more than $1 billion.. Most are store retailers, though there are other types of enterprises--such as e-commerce, mail order, automatic-merchandising (vending) machines, direct retailing (door-to-door and home party sales), and service providers. ... Strategically, food retailing has become a highly competitive industry increasingly answerable to the City and shareholder pressure. Labour represents the second largest financial outlay for the retailer after merchandise costs. The most efficient means of labour utilization are therefore a strategic priority. Attempts to improve market share and increase profitability have resulted in operational changes that have influenced the structure of the retail food labor market.It is essential that retailers are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of different methods of targeting a particular segment of customers which needs to be done considering the suitability of different options to their kind of business and the environments in which they wish to operate. In a retailing environment, it requires major market analysis to understand what type of customers needs to be targeted for a specific product. This is highly time - consuming and irrelevant and inappropriate data might result in the loss of the retailer. Another important task involves, UK retailers and their suppliers of retail branded products must take "all reasonable precautions and exercise all due diligence", in the development, manufacture, distribution, advertising or sale of food products to the consumer. Segmenting Retail Markets Every customer has a different set of needs, wants and motives, but in few consumer goods market it is feasible fully to tailor the retailing mix to the level of the individual customer. Hence the need to identify reasonably homogeneous groupings, or segments, of shoppers to be the target(s) of retail marketing

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Igno - Management of Human Resources Essay Example for Free

Igno Management of Human Resources Essay 1.â€Å"Borderless world, Diversity Management, and Knowledge power, are some of the overarching factors being encountered by the Human Resource Mangers of 21st century business world†. How do they affect the dynamics of Human Resource Management in today’s organizations? Explain with examples from the organization you are familiar with or have been working for. Briefly describe the organization, you are referring to. 2.â€Å"Each employee in an organization performs various roles. Role perception of a manager and an employee make a complex web as they interact†. Elaborate this statement in the light of socialisation factors in organizational socialization process. Outline the importance of initial Job socialization on the employee and the organization. Explain with the help of your personal experience and organizational experience with respect to the above concepts.Explain the situation and describe the organization, you are referring to. 3. Consider Potential Appraisal, Assessment Centres, and Career and Succession Planning in an organizational context. Describe the dynamics of these concepts, their interactional outcomes, and impact on overall functioning and management of the organization. Put down your experience with respect to the dynamics of these factors in totality as seen by you in an organizational situation or the situations which you are familiar with. Briefly describe the situation and the organization, you are referring to. 4.How do you see the role, presence, necessity, and impact of ‘Mentoring and Performance Coaching’ in organizational situations in Indian context in general? Critically describe the experience the organizations have with respect to these concepts, their applicability, effectiveness and prospect. You may like to compare few organizations you have known or familiar with or even you can come out with your own experience in organizational context. Describe the context, and the organization you are referring to.

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Coral Reefs :: essays research papers

Research Paper on Coral Reefs and their Habitat Uploaded by Buster57 on Dec 21, 2004 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Coral Reefs Coral reefs are complex and diverse habitat. They are perhaps on of the most interesting and colorful ecosystems to be found in the marine environment. They are very unique in many ways. Coral reefs play many important poles in the marine world. They must have certain conditions to be formed, and to survive. Lots of different sea life rely on reefs for habitat and sources of food, including some endangered species. Coral reefs are perhaps one of the greatest yet least known of wonders of our world. The formation of a coral reef is a long and slow process, taking about a year for a reef to grow about half an inch. Many factors affect the growth of the coral. The general pattern of coral reefs is a continuous cycle of growth and destruction, resulting from the growth of the coral and destructive activities of animals and storms. This pattern serves to keep the coral reef alive and at a fairly constant level. Coral reefs must have certain conditions to survive. They must be in reasonably shallow water. Low levels of sedimentation in the water are very important too, because too many sediments in the water can block the sunlight needed for the coral reefs. Because of the sunlight required for reefs to survive, they can only grow to depths of 45 meters deep. They only form in tropical seas and areas that stay above 20 degrees Celsius. The amount of oxygen is also important. Oxygen is produced in the daytime by plant photosynthesis, but the level drops dramatically at night. Ocean wa ves and water movement play a part in the amount of oxygen in the water as well, this allows diffusion of oxygen into the surface levels. There are three different kinds of coral reefs. There are fringing, barrier, and atoll. Fringing reefs are attached to margins of an island or continent, rough, table like surface, as much as 1 kilometer wide. On their seaward side they slope steeply to the ocean floor. Fringing reefs grow in shallow water near the shore and prefer dry climates with limited river runoff. There are also barrier reefs, which are similar to fringing but separated from mainland with a lagoon. The number of barrier reefs is greatly increasing due to global warming, because of the rise of the water’s level.

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Organizational Communications Strategy Essay

Leaders are responsible for motivating people to do their work effectively and achieve common objectives. Some believe leaders are born but some of the qualities can also be embedded in leaders through training and learning. Communication is the process when one person conveys thoughts or feelings to another individual or collection of people. The effectiveness of the communication process can be measured by message intended is equal to the message extracted. Feedback is essential for the communication process as this provides a response to on how successful we have been in transferring our message as originally intended. Teams focus on a collective style of working where the team members work together to achieve common goals. In teams the synergy level is positive, that is the performance of the team is greater than the individual efforts. The self managed teams discussed in this case are linked with empowerment, empowering employees enables them to participate better in team decision making processes. Leaders should facilitate and gain the trust of these teams rather than try to control and dictate to them. This allows instant action to be taken against a problem leading to valuable solutions. Communication is the back bone of an organization; it is one of the most important aspects required for the survival and success of the organization, whether the objective is dealing with corporate clients, employees or general public. The aim of the massage is to get across the Messages clearly, convincingly and to the relevant targeted audiences, Content that is delivered should be conveyed using the most effective and efficient channels, and a important aspect which is to be kept in mind is that Communications are customized to reflect cultural, and local diversity so it should be utilized accordingly for the betterment of the organization. Every thing done in the organization is through communication so it is a very significant element of any organization. The company I have chosen of the fortune 500 is FedEx the communication strategy is accordingly to the current trends in the business, I will emphasize on IT for the purpose of communication whether it be with in the organization or out side to customers, the internet will be used in fact for this purpose, as it is the most efficient and effective communication medium of present era. IT internal use it is a blessing as at present organization are moving toward paper less offices and e-mails are the best way to correspond and to Provide timely responses to all questions and feedback received. For external use website is a best source to attract new and maintain present customer as a large population of the world uses the WWW, for socializing, checking e-mails, browsing etc. using this medium will help FedEx in Developing focused, targeted communications at the right time to the correct audience, Communicate concise, pertinent, interesting content with a positive tone to cater the market. Website will be used for the purpose of providing a repository of business wide communications and questions and answers that is easily accessible to all FedEx concern employees. Another vital source I would use for my communication strategy will be the mobile phone, it has been growing rapidly at present and the cell phone has become one of the most vital means to convey messages, as the general public who use cell phones are addicted to it. We could target our customer by mobile massages which are used at present companies to attract customer, further the merge of the mobile and the internet has had a positive impact on the industry. Further, we could use other means of promoting their Internet marketing efforts offline like newsletters, direct mails, etc in order to reach more people nationally and internationally. The same tools can be used to promote not only the website but the company as a whole at the same time based on data gathered about customers online. Conduct online promotion using banner ads, e-newsletters, e-zines, etc. Since internet marketing is a new concept, those people who do go online may not be aware of exactly which companies have websites now. Therefore it would be a really effective idea right now to start placing banner ads on websites, there should be an overall increase in awareness of the use of Websites to interact with their customers online. I believe that the postal system is not very reliable but the usage of online advertisement can increase the interactivity and understanding of consumers and become more personalized. The World Wide Web has got billions of users with a great deal of attention from press and industry analysts. It’s got big names like Amazon and Yahoo which makes it sound even more intimidating to small businesses to use the Internet as a big part of their marketing solution. Like traditional advertising, Web marketing does not need a catchy slogan or striking images or animations. To get started, all one needs to do is state just the facts: who you are, what you sell, where you’re located, and other basic information. It does not cost a lot to fix mistakes, add new information or make other changes. That’s one source of anxiety absent in Web marketing. The same free tools used to develop web pages can be used to fix them, add to them or expand them. Today’s consumers rarely wait until they enter a store before they begin to develop a decision to purchase one brand over another. For most businesses this is one of the greatest opportunities of the Internet. By responding to the consumers’ need for information and providing them with the information they are looking for earlier in the sales cycle, a business of any size can develop the kind of branded relationship that at one time only corporations with large ad budgets could afford. To get maximum benefit one can blend conventional advertising with online advertising to further energize and empower the overall campaign and make it interactive. What is needed is creativity and imaginative thinking. There is no particular, sure-fire way of doing it right and there is hardly a code of conduct. That gives internet-advertising a lot of breathing space but also leaves no excuses for not being innovative. As I have mentioned above if we conduct a cost and benefit analysis it would portray more benefit than the cost, the major target market of this media are the corporate clients as they make up most of the market in using FedEx services, with this innovative medium we will attract new customer for our product as well, the stake holder are the employee, loyal customer, the management of FedEx etc. In order to cater cultural nuances of people from all over the world we will have website customized to match the particular countries culture, and we will endeavor to cater the worldwide culture accordingly for instance Take nudity, Many Mildest cultures are reluctant to displaying women’s skin, while Europeans are far more tolerant of public nudity than Americans, these cultural difference will be catered for the effectiveness of the organizational communications strategy. Culture is a very difficult term to define. However, certain people have gone on and defined culture well by saying that it is a ‘set of shared values, opinions and practices of a community or group of people. ’ (Definition of Culture) The importance of the understanding of a socio-cultural environment of any country is imperative to attaining business advantage and eventually translatable success. This understanding of socio-cultural environment is then translated effectively into business practices so that they appeal to the local crowd and create a positive image of the firm in their minds. (Cultural Barriers) In my opinion this organizational communications strategy will do wonders for the organization, I hope this strategy will be implemented for the betterment of the organization.

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Personal Leadership And Management Style - 885 Words

Nursing professions today assume the leadership and management responsibilities in any activity they involve in the health care system. Leadership and management are frequently intertwined. Huber (2006) defined leadership and management as, â€Å"the process of influencing people to accomplish a goal and management as coordinate and integrate of resource through planning, organizing, coordinating, directing, and controlling to accomplish a specific institutional goals and objectives†(Huber, 2006, p. 6). In this paper, l will address my personal leadership and management style, use one of the theory of management and leadership in the test book to explain my experience in my workplace, and discuss the positive and negative aspects of the theory. Also, l will address the style of management l will utilize as manager, and the definition of virtue and the role it has in a nurse manager or leader. Personal Leadership and Management Style In our daily life, each and everyone has a leadership and management style in managing their life. My leadership and management style is democratic style. Democratic leadership style is when a leader seeks the participation of the team members in planning and decisions making. The leader encourages suggestion and inputs form the team and actively guides the team towards goal attainment (Marquis Huston, 2015). As a leader, l always encourage opinions from my team when comes to decision making. Team work is my motor. For example, at work lShow MoreRelatedPersonal Leadership Style. Every Organization Has A Management1105 Words   |  5 PagesPersonal Leadership Style Every organization has a management team, with the success the organization in the hands of these leaders and managers. How the organization is run is generally determined by the executive leaders and filtered down through a series of positions on an organizational chart. In hospital healthcare, at the end of the chart is the care provided by the nursing staff. Leadership styles are varied and there is no correct theory, however every leader must recognize which theory theyRead MoreNotes On Life Styles Inventory979 Words   |  4 Pages Life Styles Inventory Jameka S. Carter Ms. Hallcom 9/14/14 â€Æ' Life Styles Inventory Introduction Individuals possess different skills that have an impact on their thinking and management style. The style varies from individual to individual depending on their opinions, perceptions, thoughts, and skills. The Life Style Inventory is a tool, which can be used to analyze and evaluate the management and leadership skills of an individual. The LSI has different styles and individuals can rateRead MorePersonal Leadership And Philosophy Style1574 Words   |  7 PagesPersonal Leadership and Philosophy Style Four years ago I wrote my first â€Å"Personal Philosophy of Leadership† paper. The personal leadership style I identified with, at that time, was the democratic style. I had chosen this style of leadership because of the teamwork, constructive criticism, motivation, good communication, dedication, and good attitude attributes of the democratic style. Four years later, being present time, I have learned and experienced a great deal more about leadership stylesRead MoreEmail to Coworker: Management vs. Leadership1405 Words   |  6 PagesEmail to Coworker: Management vs. Leadership Heather Hargrave HCS/514 August 8, 2014 Steve Kovak Email to Coworker: Management vs. Leadership There are many individuals that confuse the roles and responsibilities of managers and that of a leader. While managers and leaders both have many common characteristic, the roles and responsibilities within a company are defined differently. The purpose of this paper is to go into detail about these different responsibilities within aRead MoreLeadership Is The Ability Of Inspire Confidence And Support Among The People On Whose Competence And Commitment Performance847 Words   |  4 PagesAccording to Dubrin (2007), â€Å"leadership is the ability to inspire confidence and support among the people on whose competence and commitment performance depends† (p. 231). In other words, leadership is the ability to motivate others to complete or satisfy a common goal. For the past eleven years, one has observed Chairman Michael German (i.e., German) help grow his family business from startup to a thirty-five employee company. Although German has succeeded to grow the org anization with his businessRead MoreThe Case Of Pfizer s Palace Coup856 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction Corporate management is complex as challenges are often diverse. The ability of the managers to maintain efficient performance and the ability to prove resilient to the management wrangles are considerable factors that make managers proficient (Yukl Lepsinger, 2004). More frequently, controlling the top management officials where personal interests and professionalism are constant dilemmas often proves challenging (Yukl Lepsinger, 2004). The case of Pfizer s Palace Coup is amongRead MoreEssay on Annotated Bibliography: Leadership1362 Words   |  6 Pagessuccessful and unsuccessful political leadership.  Journal of Personality and Social Psychology,  103(3), 489 -505. In this article the authors have conjectured up some features of the psychopathic condition (e.g., fearlessness, interpersonal dominance) which are adaptive in certain occupations, including leadership positions. The theory was testedRead MoreWeek 7 Leadership Paper1424 Words   |  6 Pages Synthesis Paper: Leadership RES -811 April 22, 2015 Leadership Paper This paper will create a dialogue concerning the following articles and synthesis them to generate a discussion of the common themes that run throughout them, as well as understanding the conclusion of all three articles when taken as one entity. Article 1: Fearless Dominance and the U.S. Presidency: Implications of PsychopathicPersonality Traits for Successful and Unsuccessful Political Leadership by S.O. Lilienfeld, IRead MoreDifference Between Leadership And Management1438 Words   |  6 PagesIt seems leadership and management are used often in articles or conversations to mean the â€Å"same† style or same individual when using leader versus manager. However, there are just as many articles or conversations where there is a drastic difference between the two. I believe it could be seen as confusing because many individuals use both styles. The individual has to observe his or her followers, realize the work environment and have a clear understanding of the vision for the goal. NeverthelessRead MoreEssay on Contingency Management Theory614 Words   |  3 PagesContingency Theory Contingency Management Theory can be utilized in most business applications. Contingency Management Theory defined on the premise that there is no best way to lead an organization as there are too variables, both internal and external (McGlone, 2005). The manager must change his or her leadership technique, depending on the situation (Nair, 2009). Contingency Management is dependent on the manager’s flexibility and personal library of potential responses to fulfill the needs

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Dark Thursday And The Great Depression - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 683 Downloads: 4 Date added: 2019/05/16 Category History Essay Level High school Tags: Great Depression Essay Did you like this example? On October 24, 1929, as apprehensive financial specialists started moving over priced products all at once, money markets crashed. A record 12.9 million offers were exchanged that day, known as Dark Thursday. After five days, on October 29 or Dark Tuesday, exactly 16 million offers were exchanged after another rush cleared Wall Street. A great many offers wound up useless, and those speculators who had purchased stocks with obtained cash were wiped out. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Dark Thursday And The Great Depression" essay for you Create order As customer certainty vanished in the wake of the share trading system crash, the downturn in spending and venture drove manufacturing plants and different organizations to back off generation and start terminating their laborers. For the individuals who were sufficiently fortunate to stay utilized, compensation fell and purchasing power diminished. Numerous Americans compelled to purchase on layaway fell into obligation, and the quantity of dispossessions and repossessions climbed relentlessly. The worldwide adherence to the highest quality level, which joined nations around the globe in a settled cash trade, helped spread monetary troubles from the United States all through the world, particularly Europe. In spite of affirmations from President Herbert Hoover and different pioneers that the emergency would run its course, matters kept on deteriorating throughout the following three years. By 1930, 4 million Americans searching for work couldnt discover it; that number had ascended to 6 million out of 1931. In the interim, the nations mechanical creation had dropped considerably. Bread lines, soup kitchens and rising quantities of homeless turned out to be increasingly more typical in Americas towns and urban communities. Farmers and ranchers couldnt stand to collect their products, so they were compelled to abandon them decaying in the fields while individuals somewhere else starved. In the fall of 1930, the first of four rushes of saving money alarms started, as huge quantities of financial specialists lost trust in the dissolvability of their banks and requested stores in real money, compelling banks to exchange advances so as to enhance their deficient money saves available. Bank runs cleared the United States again in the spring and fall of 1931 and the fall of 1932, and by mid 1933 a great many banks had shut their entryways. Notwithstanding this desperate circumstance, Hoovers organization took a stab at supporting fizzling banks and different foundations with government advances; the thought was that the banks would credit to organizations, which would have the capacity to contract back their representatives. Hoover, a Republican who had some time ago filled in as U.S. secretary of business, trusted that administration ought not specifically intercede in the economy, and that it didnt have the obligation to make occupations or give monetary alleviation to its subjects. In 1932, be that as it may, with the nation buried in the profundities of the Great Depression and somewhere in the range of 15 million individuals (in excess of 20 percent of the U.S. populace at the time) jobless, Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt won a mind-boggling triumph in the presidential race. By Inauguration Day (March 4, 1933), each U.S. state had requested every single outstanding bank to close toward the finish of the fourth flood of saving money alarms, and the U.S. Treasury didnt have enough money to pay all administration specialists. In any case, FDR (as he was known) anticipated a quiet vitality and good faith, broadly proclaiming that the main thing we need to fear will be fear itself. Roosevelt made prompt move to address the nations monetary misfortunes, first declaring a four-day bank occasion amid which all banks would close with the goal that Congress could pass change enactment and revive those banks resolved to be sound. He additionally started tending to people in general specifically over the radio in a progression of talks, and these purported fireside visits went far towards reestablishing open certainty. Amid Roosevelts initial 100 days in office, his organization passed enactment that planned to settle mechanical and rural generation, make employments and invigorate recuperation. Whats more, Roosevelt looked to change the money related framework, making the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to ensure investors records and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to manage the share trading system and counteract maltreatment of the caring that prompted the 1929 accident.